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It is a pleasure for us to introduce you to Picanol’s first-in-class training centers that are strategically located around the world: Ieper (Belgium), Suzhou (China) and Greenville (USA). All of our training centers specialize in technical training on weaving machines for machine operators, fitters and weaving managers. Well-trained employees are a real asset for your company. Skilled staff will ensure that your machines run at an optimum performance level and produce excellent fabric quality, and also deliver outstanding plant efficiency.

The provision of training is part of the deal that Picanol makes with our customers. We consider it our duty to help your employees in terms of improving their skills and knowledge. Our training center in Ieper has four fully equipped training rooms (each of which contain weaving machines, cut models, mini workshop etc.). All of the facilities have been designed to make your employees feel right at home.

If your employees are unable to travel to one of our training centers, our instructors can come to you and organize training sessions at your premises. To make the knowledge transfer as efficient as possible, courses are offered in the following different languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Chinese are available as a standard. Other languages can be arranged upon request.

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