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Growth in any company is not only realized by investing in high quality assets, but also in servicing those. Weaving mills only get the most out of their looms when they are maintained well, set to run at the highest speeds and produce the best fabric quality. 

Picanol helps you to reach these goals by offering fast and high-skilled support. Our local service centers answer your calls in your own language and react quickly on your needs. Especially in the current economic environment of fast fashion, short runs and increasing production costs, only active running time of your machines leads to increased profits. Picanol helps you here by offering machine audits, maintenance programs and performance consultancy.

Most of our service centers offer next to high-skilled service engineers, also print-repair facilities or even a mechanical workshop. These repair shops react fast on your failing printed circuit boards and fix them using original spare parts.

Print Repair Shops

What is a print repair shop?

Picanol print repair shops are based in the most important textile regions. The repair shops are able to repair all printed circuit boards for Picanol machines up to the microprocessor controlled PAT and GTM machines. The shops are equipped with all schematics, original components and state-of-the-art test benches to assure high quality service.

How do you send a print to us?

You need to ask your local customer service representative (CSR) for a Return Material Authorization. This is granted as a RMA number that should accompany the defective board. P@rtsline users who want to use the service of the Belgium based repair centre can apply for a RMA number via the P@rtsline portal.

How we do it?

All boards are upgrades to the latest possible version. After we have repaired the board, we test it on a special Picanol designed test bench. The board is repacked and shipped to you, according to your  instructions. You will always receive your own board back.

Deliverables: your benefits!

Printed circuits are repaired in one day. The return shipment to you is according to your instructions.It is possible that consolidated returns of defective boards take more time.