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Weaving manager training

This specialized theoretical training extended with 1 or 2 days practical experience teaches you how to manage your weaving mill in the most effective and optimal way.

Stop data analysis is the key tool which enables you to solve your performance problems. Insertion expertise will increase your mill performance and personnel's efficiency, and optimize your costs. Integrated process management combines knowledge of preparation and yarn performance with weaving experience.

After this seminar you will be able to see points of improvement in the blink of an eye while walking through your weaving mill.

Overview of the program

  • Machine executions, options and their benefits
  • Stop data analysis: dig into the roots of performance problems
  • Optimal insertion settings to control and optimize efficiency
  • Spare parts consumption analysis and preventive maintenance planning: cut your costs!
  • Effective ways to reduce air consumption on airjet machines
  • Consultancy on your styles and settings: get the most out of your machines


What you'll learn

  • The advantages of different machine options, what benefits do they bring for your kind of articles
  • Get to know which kind of data is prior for controlling the process and how to interpret stop data
  • How to reduce warp and weft stops
  • The influence of stops on efficiency: starting marks, number of machines per weaver …
  • Optimize your spare parts consumption by using the correct maintenance and reducing cost.
  • How to tackle major maintenance issues by organizing your preventive maintenance in an efficient way
  • Lower your energy and air production costs


Our approach

  • Detailed 2 days theoretical training by textile and technical senior experts with a supplementary 1 or 2 days practical training in your weaving shed (in case training is done locally at your plant)
  • Courses held in English, German, Dutch and French.
  • Documentation manual included in the course
  • Certificate is handed out stating the qualifications gained


Who should attend?

  • Weaving managers and weaving mill technicians
  • Production managers

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