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Welcome to the era

of intuitive weaving

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Picanol introduces PicConnect: the new online platform for intuitive weaving

Picanol is proud to be “Driven by data”, and as such it has set itself the goal of tackling the next industrial revolution for its customers with the launch of PicConnect. With PicConnect, a new fully digital platform, Picanol is offering a wide range of features, from industrial IoT to service-related applications.

Welcome to the era of intuitive weaving | Gut feeling

As an experienced weaver, you sometimes just know a machine is not running optimally, you feel something is off.

Welcome to the era of intuitive weaving | Reflexes

In the weaving business, like in sports, success often depends on quickly controlling and directing your reflexes. It starts with seeing opportunities and sensing risks. But the real skill is your ability to act without any delay

Register for our virtual launch shows and explore the future in data-driven weaving

We are very proud to invite you to explore together with us the next steps into the future of data-driven weaving with two new innovations.

Three new upgrade possibilities for your weaving machines

With Weave-Up, Picanol offers a wide range of upgrade possibilities that will enable you to get the best out of your machines. Recently we have added three new Weave-Up solutions.

Discover our new e-learning videos

Keep on learning with our new e-learning videos. Are you interested in learning how you should set the width on the OmniPlus-i or how to manage the stroke setting on the OptiMax-i? Or would you like to learn how to exchange the sand beam gear, or how to take care of the spring setting control and many more? If so, then you should definitely check out our latest video releases.