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How it works | The fastest and most reliable automatic pick repair system on the market: PRA II Plus

With the unique and patented Pick Repair Automation system called PRA II Plus, Picanol provides its customers with an excellent automation tool for airjet weaving machines.

Picanol Group to build new head office in Ieper

Picanol Group (parent company of Picanol) today announced the construction of a new head office in its hometown of Ieper (Belgium). The new building will house 450 employees and it will be erected on the company's current site.

Picanol launches new Connect generation airjet and rapier weaving machines

Picanol has introduced its latest generation of airjet and rapier weaving machines, which have been called the “Connect” generation. These new generation weaving machines focus on connectivity and an increased level of data availability. With this new generation, Picanol is launching several new functionalities such as a digitalized Gripper stroke setting, Gripper tape monitoring, Climate control, Shed angle measurement, and fully integrated Power monitoring.

Virtual launch of new generation weaving machines is happening tomorrow

Tomorrow, our new data-driven generation weaving machines will be virtually introduced to the world. This new generation of airjet and rapier weaving machines focuses on connectivity and an increased level of data availability but offers many more for your weaving activities.

Machine setting manual available on Picanol’s BlueTouch display

Did you know that the entire machine setting manual is available digitally on the BlueTouch display of your weaving machines?

Picanol at EGY STITCH & TEX in Cairo

Together with our agent Nobeltex, Picanol is present at EGY STITCH & TEX from October 14 to 17 in Cairo (Egypt).