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December 06, 2023

Picanol guest speaker at Sustainability Talks

Recently, we were honored to have the opportunity to share our insights on the sustainable characteristics of our weaving machines at the Sustainability Talks conference in Istanbul (Türkiye). This event was hosted by our esteemed customer Kipas Textiles, and Orbit Consulting. The aim behind Sustainability Talks is to offer sustainable solutions for the fashion and textile industry and connect professionals so they can discuss the challenges faced by the textile value chain.

Our R&D Manager, Kristof Roelstraete, gave a keynote speech to the more than 1,500 participants in attendance and explained how our weaving machines contribute to creating a more sustainable fashion and textile industry. He also highlighted how Picanol is really committed to its main design principle “Sustainability Inside”, by developing smart and energy-efficient weaving machines, that are capable of weaving with recycled yarns while also minimizing waste. Because every joule of energy, every centimeter of waste, and every cubic meter of compressed air counts!

We would like to thank the organization for having us as a keynote speaker and express our gratitude to the audience for the interest they showed and for the inspiring conversations we enjoyed during the networking moments.