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Are you looking for a solution to minimize energy costs, enlarge your fabric segment, and increase the productivity and profitability of your Picanol weaving machines? If so, then Weave-Up could be precisely what you are looking for! With Weave-Up, Picanol offers a wide range of upgrade solutions that will enable you to get the very best out of your machines thanks to our state-of-the-art technology.

Our Weave-Up leaflets will guide you through the various options we offer. In these leaflets, you will find: the working principle, advantages and the application area of each Weave-Up feature, along with various pictures. Select below the machine type or the name of the weaving machine in order to get an overview of our available Weave-Up solutions.

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Air Tucking In

Air Tucking In (ATI)

Sley blowing system

Sley blowing system

Relay nozzles
KDB card

KDB card slot to USB conversion

Blue prewinders

Electronic Right Gripper Opener - ERGO


Electronic Disc Cutter - EDC

LED Illumination

Led illumination

Clamp on Moveable Main Nozzle

Clamp on Moveable Main Nozzle

Mechanical Tucking In

Mechanical Tuckin In

Adaptive Relay Valve Drive

Adaptive Relay Valve Drive - ARVD - ARVDPlus - ARVD II Plus

Mechanical Filling cutter

Mechanical Filling cutter

Full width temple

Full width temple

Conversion to free flight grippers

Conversion to Free Flight Grippers

TwinStretch nozzle

TwinStretch nozzle

Pick Repair Automation

Pick Repair Automation - PRA & PRA II Plus

Retrofit from Power Box

Retrofit from Power Box (PB) to LDEC


The new 8 color movable main nozzle


Filling extractor with waste ribbon guidance