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Harness frames

XLF Xtra Light 152

High production reliability at high speeds

Building on the years of expertise of the GTP Frames R&D team, the XLF Xtra Light 152 has been created for high weaving performance without compromising on the life time of the frame components. It outstands the standard frames, offering you the perfect balance between strength and low-weight to meet the ever higher weaving speeds of today's weaving machines. The XLF Xtra Light 152 incorporates performance-proven features to guarantee you excellent fabric quality, higher productivity and longer life time.

HybridPower 158

Powerful technology: for any challenge

GTP Frames R&D engineered the HybridPower 158, the lightest and most reliable frame that is ready for the highest speeds and high tension fabrics, today and in the future. This frame offers the highest stiffness weight ratio available in the market, making this frame superior to any existing model. The hybrid technology with carbon strips on top of the aluminium profile, allows you to face any weaving condition, at highest speed.

AluPower 124

The entry-level model of the new generation of harness frames

The AluPower 124 has long been the frame of choice for standard applications, proving its reliability over the years. This version also benefits from some of the developments that were specifically introduced for higher series of harness frame. These design changes bring the reliability and user friendliness to an even higher level. Assuring the best performance frame in its class.