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June 24, 2021

Welcome to the era of intuitive weaving

is a matter of numbers, parameters, and settings.

But as all good weavers know, there is more to it than just that.
There is also intuition, experience, and gut feeling.

You just feel it when something isn’t right, or a machine is off sync.
You just sense it when settings need to be fine-tuned.

Picanol has always been known
for maximum and smart performance.
But on top of this, we are now adding something extra…
Intuitive weaving.

Intuitive weaving is an extra layer
that we add to our machines.

Do you want to change a setting on all your machines in the blink of an eye? Done!
Do you want to be in full control and change your entire set-up with just one click? Check!
Does your sixth sense tell you something is off? You can check it - immediately and wherever you are.
Do you feel that a special fabric needs extra care? Just look at your data, and you’ll know instantly.

We’re building a new Picanol world,
where all of your instincts and reflexes are amplified.
You’ll still have all the performance and reliability,
but we’ve now made room for your intuition and creativity as well.

So you can run your weaving mill in your own unique, perfect balance.
Smoothly, confidently, and based on the thing you trust the most:
your own intuition.

Welcome to the era of intuitive weaving.
Enabled by PicConnect.
Available as from autumn 2021.

Let’s grow together.