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June 20, 2024

New customer story about Ranjan Fabrics in India

In the first video of our new series, we put the spotlight on our customers and their weaving mills, and they also share their experiences with Picanol. Mr. Pushpendra Beswal, Director of Ranjan Group, provides some insights into his company’s state-of-the-art and highly productive weaving mill and also explains why Ranjan Group chose Picanol’s weaving machines.

Ranjan Fabrics is a distinguished manufacturer and supplier of exclusive suiting fabrics in India and it made its initial investment in 28 airjet weaving machines from Picanol in 2016. Currently, the company operates 88 Picanol weaving machines across three locations. Our weaving machines have helped Ranjan Fabrics significantly enhance fabric quality and reduce lead times for finished products. And with the dedicated support of our highly skilled Field Engineers, Ranjan Fabrics has realized remarkable improvements in terms of productivity, efficiency, and overall quality.

Curious to find out more? If so, be sure to watch the below video.