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January 20, 2020

More investment!

At Picanol, we don’t believe in ‘resting on our laurels’. To this end, the Board of Directors approved investments for Ypres for an amount of 25 million euros. This investment plan involved the significant modernization of the machine capacity at Picanol and Proferro in Ypres. 

A couple of highlights in particular: in the gear zone, the three old gear milling machines were replaced by two new machines. The new grinding operation has increased the quality of the components and makes the weaving machines even more efficient. Meanwhile, the Texmac department invested in a new welding robot to replace the previous, 20-year-old Kuka welding robot. We now have a welding robot and handling robot running on a 16-meter track next to the pieces. These new robots are quicker, more agile, and far more efficient than their predecessors. Thanks to the robots, we can offer our customers the highest quality and precision.

We are confident that these investments will help us in our goal of becoming even more competitive!