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Style administration

With the Style administration app, you can easily manage all your Picanol machine settings.

In PicConnect, you can create a library of machine settings using the file management system. When machines are connected, settings can easily be sent to and from the platform. Ensuring your machines all use the optimal settings is very convenient.

Machine settings can be visualized in the style administration app, where you get an intuitive overview of the most relevant settings. They can also be edited, to finetune the performance of your machines.

An additional feature is the ability to compare settings of two different machines or compare the actual settings of a machine with a reference file. Differences between the two are highlighted, and settings can be copied from one file to another. After settings have been changed or copied, you can start to synchronize all your machines with just a couple of clicks.

The Style administration app is part of PicConnect, our new digital platform. This cloud-based platform also features the Production Monitoring application, the Energy Monitoring application and the Partsline webshop. Click here for a full overview.