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Founded in 1895, Burcklé has developed the production of accessories for weaving looms such as reeds. Being active in both France and Europe from the outset, the company has managed to expand with the help of exports and in turn follow the textile industry throughout the world. Since 2003, Burcklé has been integrated into the Picanol Group and is a supplier for Picanol weaving machines.

Nowadays, Burcklé has an international reputation and presence through its network of agents and it supplies major machinery producers and weavers that are specialized in the weaving of fabrics used for apparels, upholstery, technical purposes or paper making cloth (PMC).

Burcklé reeds are well known for their high performance, which is characterized by constant airflow, high precision and a long lifetime. Burcklé reeds help every weaver to achieve high fabric quality, high productivity and cost savings. With its strong R&D team, Burcklé is equipped to develop all kinds of weaving/guiding reeds used in the production of high quality textiles. For further information please visit