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September 30, 2021

Welcome to the era of intuitive weaving | Reflexes

In the weaving business, like in sports, success often depends on quickly controlling and directing your reflexes.

It starts with seeing opportunities and sensing risks. But the real skill is your ability to act without any delay. For that your speedy reaction and masterly execution are needed.

PicConnect is our online platform offering digital services. It serves as a powerful extension of your weaving capabilities. And offers you the possibility to control your machines remotely.

Whatever your reflexes tell you to do, PicConnect amplifies it.
We call it intuitive weaving, but it’s really just allowing you to follow your weaving instincts.

Register now for the virtual launch of PicConnect on October 7.

Welcome to the era of intuitive weaving.
Enabled by PicConnect.
Available as from autumn 2021.

Let’s grow together.