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August 23, 2021

Welcome to the era of intuitive weaving | Fingerspitzengefühl

Sometimes, when people are really talented, it is said they have their skills “in their fingers”. It means they have the sensitivity, the fine movements of doing precisely the right thing, in such a way they make difficult things look easy. In German they use the word “Fingerspitzengefühl, to describe this “instinctive feeling of skill and experience”.

You can see it in magic, in sports, and also in weaving.
Of course, it’s a professional skill, but sometimes also an art.

Finding the exact right setting, selecting precisely the right speed, creating the most delicate fabrics, is a craft that can be polished and acquired with training and experience. So that it becomes real mastership.

PicConnect is our online platform offering digital services.
It serves as a powerful extension of your weaving capabilities and translates your instinctive mastership into the reality of your weaving mill.

Whatever your reflexes tell you to do, PicConnect amplifies it.
We call it intuitive weaving, but it’s really just allowing
you to follow your weaving instincts.

Welcome to the era of intuitive weaving.
Enabled by PicConnect.
Available as from autumn 2021.

Let’s grow together.