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April 17, 2019

Read the full text of our 2019 “Let’s grow together”-manifesto

The future.

Should we be afraid of it?

Let’s rephrase this.

Should we be afraid of our children? 

They are the future. 

The way they play with technology.

Their openness to novelty. 

Their care for the planet. 

Their need for speed.

Their lack of patience.

They are

how we see the future.


user friendly




and self-learning.

Those are their expectations.

Those are our new benchmarks.

Our children

our employees 

our customers 

and those of tomorrow.

They are our new benchmark.

Their today is our tomorrow. 

Join us on this journey to the future. 

Engineered in the factory of the future. 

Because we do not just want to grow. 

We want to grow together.