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September 20, 2018

Picanol Group awarded the ambassadorship of the work centers

On September 19, 2018, Liesbeth Homans, the Minister of Social Economy, officially presented the ambassadorship of the work centers to Picanol Group in order to mark its long-term and sustainable cooperation with the sector.


Picanol Group has been collaborating with work centers for more than 50 years. "Today, more than 200 employees of the work centers are engaged in our production process. Among other things, they provide the integral and just-in-time finishes of the cable harnesses of the weaving machines. This makes them an extension of Picanol Group. The work centers are also very far-reaching in terms of technological innovation. Today, we look at them with regard to how they manage to engage people in the industry 4.0. Furthermore, the way in which they use technology to make jobs easier is impressive," stated Luc Tack (Managing Director, Picanol Group).