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August 14, 2020

Open House event in Lanxi (China) on Picanol’s latest airjet machine technology

The Picanol Sales team in China recently hosted an Open House event in Lanxi, China. In total, almost 100 attendees had the opportunity to learn more about Picanol’s latest airjet weaving technology and were able to visit the weaving mill of one of our customers.

Eamonn Brady, Sales Director for Picanol China, introduced Picanol to the attendees and gave them an overview of the history and development of Picanol since the company was founded in 1936.

Martin Ding, Picanol Sales Manager for Zhejiang Province, gave a detailed overview of the main features of the OmniPlus-i and OMNIplus Summum and explained the advantages of Picanol’s airjet weaving technology.

The owner of the Zheijiang Clotho weaving mill shared his positive experience of using Picanol’s airjet weaving machines during the last four years.

After the conference part of the event, the attendees were taken to Zhejiang Clotho’s weaving mill to see the Picanol airjet machines weaving in industrial conditions. There was a huge amount of interest from the attendees in terms of learning about the high running speeds and the efficiencies that can be realized using Picanol machines.