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April 25, 2023

New features released on PicConnect

Some exciting new features have recently been released on PicConnect, our online platform offering digital services. In this article, we are highlighting some of these new features.

Now also included in the Bronze package, to which every Picanol customer enjoys free access:

  • eSPC, our spare parts catalog, is now available through PicConnect. This enables you to find all catalogs for your installed base. The high-resolution drawings make it easy for users to find a certain part. You can also create baskets containing various parts and open them in PartsLine*, our online webshop. This means you can then easily request a quotation or place an order.
  • And demonstrating the fact that we are improving our (digital) service delivery using PicConnect, you can now find machine software packages on the platform. You can instantly download the software and distribute it across your machines.

Within the optional Gold package, the following new features have been added:

  • The new Alerting application can be used to configure alerts for a wide variety of machine parameters, such as production performance, energy consumption, or machine settings. Being aware of deviations early enables one to swiftly take decisive actions.
  • Furthermore, the Pattern editor is now available, which can be used to create or edit designs for Picanol weaving machines. Complex patterns can be designed intuitively, and directly transferred to your machines.

Request your access

Are you interested in getting access to these new features and all the other benefits of PicConnect? If so, then please contact your local After Market Sales Representative.


*Access to our PartsLine webshop depends on the country you are located in, so please contact your local After Market Sales Representative for more information.