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February 19, 2021

Need to sharpen your weaving machine operating skills? Check out our new e-learning videos.

Did you know that our e-learning videos have reached more than 100,000 views on our YouTube channel? Good for almost 4,000 hours of online training. And we have more good news, because we have released no less than 20 new e-learning videos!

These videos will enable you to sharpen your skills and discover some of our new features such as the BlueTouch display. We explain in detail all the possibilities of the new BlueTouch display and where you can find all of the features you need in order to set and monitor your weaving machines. Furthermore, you will learn how to install e-Leno on the OptiMax-i weaving machine or how to move frames both back-and-forth and many more!

Did you know you can switch on auto-generated subtitles in your language while watching our e-learning videos? We show you how in this video.

You can find here an overview of our new releases:

For our new BlueTouch display:

Converting from waste cord to CordLess part 1/2

Converting from waste cord to CordLess part 2/2

Converting from CordLess to waste cord part 1/2

Converting from CordLess to waste cord part 2/2

How to move Harness frames backwards

How to move Harness frames forward

How to install e-Leno on OptiMax-i

How to replace the sole of a Free Flight gripper

How to install the upper LED light bar on OmniPlus-i

How to unload the loom correctly


Our team would be delighted to hear your suggestions when it comes to subjects for training videos, so please let us know if you have any specific needs by writing to: