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October 09, 2019

More than 75 new OmniPlus-i airjet weaving machines for Milliken & Company

Picanol is proud to announce that Milliken & Company has chosen to continue its longstanding relationship by purchasing over 75 units of our latest generation machine, the new OmniPlus-i airjet, for its weaving operations in the Carolinas (United States). Milliken and Picanol have a history of innovation and partnership that stretches back to the 1980s when Milliken purchased its first major Picanol installation which consisted of over 400 looms. This partnership continued through the next few decades with additional purchases of several thousand looms. The partnership between Picanol and Milliken has enabled Picanol to be at the very forefront of weaving machine technology in the United States.

The decision to purchase the new OmniPlus-i machines was made by Milliken following multiple trials and many months of careful consideration. Milliken’s final decision was based on several factors including the local support offered by Picanol of America, Inc. and the general enhancements provided by the machine which resulted in improvements in speed, efficiency, and overall versatility. Milliken is the first US customer to purchase a significant quantity of the new OmniPlus-i machines.