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May 17, 2022

Meet Picanol at Denim Première Vision in Berlin on May 17 and 18, 2022 - booth D8

For a number of decades, Picanol has a very strong connection with the global denim industry and closely collaborates with the fabric manufacturers. For Picanol, “Let’s grow together” is not just a slogan but also a true reflection of the reality. As a result of these many years of hard work, we can proudly say that today approximately two-thirds of all the denim fabric woven in the world is woven on a Picanol weaving machine. Picanol’s presence at Denim Première Vision in Berlin (Germany) is a clear proof of our dedication to the world of denim manufacturing.

The Picanol weaving machines don’t only offer the stability and flexibility required for today’s denim weavers; our continuous innovation assures that our customers can be fully prepared for the future challenges. The recently introduced Connect generation of machines, as well as our new digital platform PicConnect, clearly illustrate this point.

The Picanol rapier machines combine features such as the EcoFill system to reduce waste drastically, the Tension Display (TED), and the Electronic Right Gripper Opener (ERGO), and weavers are even offered a fully digital insertion. Therefore, we ensure that our weaving machines have Sustainability Inside and are indeed Driven by Data, which are two of our main design principles.