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May 15, 2019

Let’s focus on the principles upon which our machines are built: 3. Driven by Data

Since the first introduction of electronics on weaving machines in the 70s, Picanol has been at the forefront of digitization. The systematic use of electronic controls and sensors created the capability of generating data on a continuous basis, which in turn serve as input for different softwares which autonomously optimize the machine running.


Next to the known ones like ARVD II Plus, AirMaster, OptiSpeed etc., new applications become possible, in the field of monitoring, automated adjustments and remote trouble shooting – to name just a few of them.


Everybody realizes that in the next decades digitization will become ever more important. Data have to be captured, made accessible and usable for production optimization and artificial intelligence. Picanol will continue to be a trendsetter in this field and to further deploy Industry 4.0 in the weaving industry: the self-setting machine is just around the corner.