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May 14, 2019

Let’s focus on the principles upon which our machines are built: 2. Sustainability Inside

Everywhere we see a growing awareness about the ecological and social sustainability of manufacturing processes. When it comes to waste prevention and reduction of energy consumption, Picanol has been taking up its responsibility since many years. We have proven this with our pioneering Sumo Drive concept, introduced in 1996, and up till today still the most energy efficient main drive available.

Sustainability is also about waste management. We do not only reduce waste but try to avoid it completely. Our EcoFill feature serves here as an excellent example.

Breakthrough developments, such as the Blue22 generation of prewinders, make it possible to minimize the waste length even while machines are running. Here too, technology helps us to create possibilities that were unthinkable before. So we can even dream of a machine tuning itself…


Sustainability Inside