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May 10, 2019

Let’s focus on the principles upon which our machines are built: 1. Smart Performance

Performance is the first requirement for any machine or feature, and the obvious indicator is the theoretical maximum speed. Very often, however, the gap between this theoretical speed and the effective speed under real life circumstances is huge.

Our designers have taken up this challenge, searching for ways to build a machine that also delivers top performance with less than perfect inputs. That is why, e.g., we always strive for an optimized sley movement.

Increasing real performance also means reducing downtime to an absolute minimum, with our QSC (Quick Style Change), for example, the quickest way to get new styles up and running. Picanol introduced it over 25 years ago, and it is still unique in weaving.

We also use technology in a smart way to monitor the behavior of the yarn and the weaving process on a permanent basis. For instance we optimize the insertion parameters on a continuous basis through sophisticated algorithms – even within the pick.

That’s what we call ‘Smart Performance’: an intelligent machine design combined with self-setting software, allowing the best possible practical speed and real performance under any given circumstances.

Smart Performance