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January 24, 2022

Introducing the new OmniPlus-i TC Connect

Following the launch of the new Connect-generation weaving machines in October last year, we are now pleased to introduce the OmniPlus-i TC Connect. This dedicated execution for the weaving of tire cord fabrics has now been upgraded to the latest airjet technology and combined with the Connect-generation features.

With the OmniPlus-TC Connect, Picanol is setting the new benchmark in tire cord weaving. In the video below, Walter Moens (Picanol Sales Manager) explains all the benefits of the OmniPlus-i TC Connect. Among other things, you will discover in this video that the compensating unit, the drawing-in unit, and fabrics take-up have been completely redesigned and improved.

Thanks to this upgrade, tire cord weavers will experience a machine featuring superior capabilities based on a design with a strong focus on our 4 main principles: Smart Performance, Sustainability Inside, Driven by Data, and Intuitive Control. Moreover, this machine is entirely PicConnect enabled. This means you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of our new digital platform PicConnect. In other words, you’ll be completely ready for the era of intuitive weaving!

Click here to discover more about the OmniPlus-i TC Connect.