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June 15, 2019

Information at your fingertips @ ITMA 2019: Exclusive sneak preview of PicCon, Picanol’s “Live Machine Feedback Platform”

Nobody needs to be convinced that data is playing an evergrowing role in weaving. Today and even more tomorrow, data will drive further optimization of the whole weaving process. At Picanol we have been capturing the data for many years, but now we want to go one step further


We are now able to make this live data visible at any time, not only on the machine display but also on a remote mobile app. This dashboard app, called PicCon (Picanol Connect), is based on Picanol’s “Live Machine Feedback Platform” and will be showcased at ITMA 2019 Barcelona for the first time. Now that’s what we call information at your fingertips!


For some time now Picanol has been building in smart sensors to capture essential machine data that make it possible to digitize entire machine functions.

  • Backed up by the BlueBox electronic platform, we already let the machine tune itself based on the info captured by these smart sensors.
  • One of our most innovative features is the self-tuning program ARVD II plus to obtain the lowest possible air consumption at any given moment.


The next step was to bring these data out of the machine and to process them at a higher level.

  • This allows us to realize new and as yet unseen possibilities when it comes to traceability and process optimization.
  • It also leads to tools that enable the user to set the machines and manage a complete installation in an easy way.


The final step to make all this possible is the introduction of our new generation of displays. This new platform incorporates all the latest means of communication as standard and will be key in all further developments.


Our sales and service team will demonstrate the PicCon App live at ITMA for the first time. Using this app we can get crucial machine data such as production info, fabric specs and machine settings as well as information from sensors on the machine in a dashboard on a mobile device. Built to demonstrate all these new possibilities, the PicCon app will certainly also trigger your ideas and feedback.


Our enthusiastic team looks forward to inspiring you with the possibilities of the PicCon app during your visit to our booth at ITMA 2019 Barcelona (or other trade fairs coming up) and will be happy to listen to your feedback and suggestions.