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November 23, 2022

The digital loom OptiMax-i Connect offers you the perfect solution for weaving denim

Sustainability is very important in the textile industry. In your efforts to be as sustainable as possible, a fully digital insertion is paramount! And the first and most logical step is to simply avoid “waste.”

One of the key elements to reach that goal is our EcoFill, which was introduced to the market ten years ago. EcoFill eliminates the waste at the left-hand side of the fabric and this drastically reduces the total filling waste. EcoFill is available for up to 4 colors and it can handle all possible color patterns without having to compromise on the production speed. But there are more advantages: thanks to EcoFill, you no longer need the catch cord system at the left-hand side, which means the additional saving of material.

With the Electronic Right Gripper Opener (ERGO), Picanol is taking another step towards full digitization of weaving machines, while at the same time integrating sustainability in the design of your machines. With the ERGO, your use of filling yarn is further optimized. The ERGO makes it possible to electronically control the opening of the gripper instead of the traditional and fixed mechanical opener. The ERGO also allows you to choose the moment of opening of the right-hand gripper for each individual channel. In this way, the length of the weft tail is optimized for each filling yarn, keeping the right-hand side weft waste to an absolute minimum.

The Tension Display (TED) enables you to better control the performance of the machine. The TED is mounted on the turning knob of the flex holder. It makes it easier to correctly set the filling tension and manage possible differences between prewinders or machines. The TED display also gives you relevant information in case of a filling stop. And the weaver is immediately informed regarding what kind of filling stop is detected; for example, a filling break or a bobbin break.

The possibilities of the digital loom OptiMax-i Connect, with among other things, EcoFill, the Electronic Right Gripper Opener, and the Tension Display, can now even be amplified by unleashing the full potential of our new digital platform, PicConnect.

This is how Picanol contributes to your efforts to save natural resources and offers you an outstanding tool that helps you to reach your sustainability goals.

OptiMax-i Connect