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May 20, 2019

BlueBox: the outstanding electronic platform of Picanol (x30,000!)

Since being introduced on the latest OMNIplus Summum airjet machine in 2015, the electronic platform known as ‘BlueBox’ has been rolled out on all machines that are produced at Picanol in Belgium, including the latest OptiMax-i flexible rapier machine. 

In the meantime, this platform has clearly proven itself with more than 30,000 units being delivered on our machines worldwide. Both the hardware and the software have been developed within Picanol Group. Having the design and production capabilities in-house is considered a key factor behind guaranteeing the necessary short ‘time to market‘ and also for keeping track of new developments. 

A new electronic platform needs to be flexible, user-friendly, and capable of handling large amounts of data, as well as being able to communicate at the highest speeds. Alongside the many advantages of this new platform, customers have been using the state-of-the-art possibilities that BlueBox offers in order to extract data from the machine. Besides the more traditional way of extracting data with a USB stick, it is also possible to get access to all data from the machines via a network. 

Therefore, being connected, the machine can be easily accessed by Picanol’s HQ with all of the necessary data being made available to receive professional support. It goes without saying that BlueBox complies with the latest European directives regarding the use of lead-free electronics. BlueBox - a proven concept that continues to be the benchmark in its class.