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April 06, 2023

Be confident and smile

They come in all sizes, forms, and shapes.
But there is one smile 
that we love the most here at Picanol:
the confident smile.

And we work night and day
to put that smile 
on the faces of our customers.
Because confidence 
is what we give our customers.

The confidence 
that no matter what the future brings,
you’ll be ready for it.

The confidence of knowing
you are at your best
with our technology, our machines,
our service, and our training.

Confidence is not the same 
as thinking nothing bad can happen.
Confidence is knowing you can handle it.

They say that smiling is contagious.
It’s true. 

Because those confident smiles
we see on our customers’ faces,
make us smile too.

So show it.
Be confident
and smile.