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May 23, 2019

The 4 principles we build our machines on

When starting the design of a new machine generation, one has to do better than just a few picks more than the previous generation. The features for today’s world are all about connectivity, user centricity, intuitive controls, self-learning capacities and sustainability – to name just a few… These are the benchmarks for a futureproof design.

We brought these together in 4 key principles, which are used as a starting point for the design of any Picanol machine or feature:

Performance is the first requirement for any weaving machine or feature, and the most obvious indicator is the theoretical maximum speed. Very often, however, the gap between this theoretical speed and the effective speed under real life circumstances is huge.

That’s why we at Picanol conceive our machines around the principle of ‘Smart Performance’: an intelligent machine design combined with self-learning software, allowing the best possible practical speed and real performance under any given circumstances.

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When it comes to waste prevention and energy consumption reduction, Picanol has been taking up its responsibility for years. Our machines are conceived with a built-in capacity for sustainability.

We have proven this with our pioneering Sumo Drive concept, introduced in 1996, and up until today still the most energy efficient main drive available.

Sustainability is also about waste management. We not only reduce waste but try to avoid it completely. Our EcoFill feature serves here as an excellent example.

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Everybody realizes that in the next decades digitization will become ever more important. Data have to be captured, made accessible and usable for production optimization and artificial intelligence.

Since the first introduction of electronics on weaving machines in the 70s, Picanol has been at the forefront of digitization. With every new machine, we continue to be a trendsetter in this field and to further deploy Industry 4.0 in the weaving industry: the self-setting machine is just around the corner.

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Our children inspire us, especially in their intuitive and effortless handling of technology. Wireless-ready, robust and designed for maximum instant readability, the new generations will not accept anything less than that.

This user centric design is also integrated in the concept of our machines, making all operations and interventions intuitive, easy and self-explanatory.

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