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Production monitoring

With the production monitoring application, you can monitor the performance of your weaving mill. Production data – such as efficiency, speed or machine status – are updated in real-time, showing the live performance of your machines

You can even build visual representations of your production floor in floor plans. From here, you can direct your attention to those areas of the weaving mill where it is needed most.

The cloud-based platform stores all your historical data. Using the different graphs and tables you can analyze scenario’s that you feel are worth exploring.

By entering stop declarations on your BlueTouch machine display, you can analyze efficiency losses according to the OEE standards. Get a better understanding where the most time is lost and increase overall efficiency.

PicConnect allows you to act upon your weaving instincts and provides the hard data to back up your intuition.

The Production Monitoring application is part of PicConnect, our new digital platform. This cloud-based platform also features the Energy Monitoring application, the Style Administration app and the Partsline webshop. Click here for a full overview.