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Action center

The action center on the machine display is at the heart of working with a Picanol machine. It enables your team to consult the upcoming maintenance tasks and their estimated due times. Furthermore, they can make notes of observations or service calls to get the right person to the machine at the right time.

The maintenance plan is created in PicConnect. A user can define maintenance tasks and assign them to the machines. The pre-defined notes that a weaver can enter on the machine display are also configured in PicConnect.

When machines are connected to PicConnect, all the scheduled maintenance tasks of these machines can be viewed on the action center page.

The logbook, which is part of the action center, shows the history of events on the machine: completed tasks, entered notes, setting changes, and much more. On top of this, PicConnect, allows the user to perform an analysis of this data.

The action center not only gives you a view of what is ahead but also what has happened in the past.

The action center application is part of PicConnect, Picanol’s new digital platform. This cloud-based platform also features the production monitoring application, the energy monitoring application, the style administration application, and the PartsLine webshop. Click here for a complete overview.