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TerryMax-i Connect rapier weaving machine

If versatile and productive terry weaving driven by digitization and Industry 4.0 is your objective, you can now be sure to experience real added value with the unique, future-oriented TerryMax-i Connect.

Based on the same high-performance weaving technology as the OptiMax-i Connect, the TerryMax-i Connect offers you all the possibilities for being at the top in your market. Ready for every new opportunity.

Our market is nowadays driven by an increasing concern for environmental topics, higher costs, and the lower availability of resources and skills, as well as the digital revolution. That is why the TerryMax-i Connect has been built around our four leading design principles.

Smart Performance

Picanol machines have always been built for maximum performance, and they always will be. Smart performance not only focuses on speed but also on top quality and versatility. With the TerryMax-i Connect, smart performance is guaranteed by the robust machine structure combined with the proven shed geometry, while the rigid yet extremely light construction of the pneumatical pile backrest guarantees perfect loop formation for even the most complicated terry designs.

Sustainability Inside

Minimizing the energy consumption cannot be an optional extra - it has to be embedded in the machine design. To this end, the Sumo drive concept has become even more energy-efficient. Sustainability inside is not only about energy but also about resources. ERGO and Pile monitoring are just a few features on the TerryMax-i Connect that will help you optimize the use of your most valuable materials.

Driven by Data

Picanol has pioneered the digitization of weaving machines for many decades now. The BlueBox is our reliable electronic platform, ready for Industry 4.0. With the BlueTouch display, all data is gathered and visualized in overview dashboards. The data is ready to be used for further optimization of the machine performance or to be exchanged – be it with data from other machines or data available in the cloud. Therefore, weaving with Picanol becomes truly driven by data.

Intuitive Control

Picanol machines are always designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Thanks to the BlueTouch display with its complete newly designed user interface, the smart signal lights and the implementation of Access control, the highest level of intuitive control has been incorporated in the machine design of the TerryMax-i Connect.

Now enabled by PicConnect

PicConnect is our online platform offering digital services. It serves as a powerful extension of your weaving capabilities. Whatever your reflexes tell you to do, PicConnect amplifies it. We call it intuitive weaving – it’s about allowing you to follow your weaving instincts.