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OmniPlus-i airjet weaving machine

With the introduction of the OmniPlus-i, Picanol sets a new Benchmark in Airjet Weaving.

Building further on nearly 40 years of experience in Airjet Weaving and over 100,000 airjet machines shipped, the new OmniPlus-i combines this heritage with a clear vision of the future.

At Picanol, we believe that in this fast-changing world of weaving, the needs of weaving mills in general and the expectations of our customers and their operators are evolving rapidly. Our market is nowadays driven by increasing concern for environmental topics, higher costs and lower availability of resources and skills, as well as the digital revolution that is affecting all industries.

That’s why the OmniPlus-i is built around our four leading design principles.

1. Smart Performance

Picanol machines have always been built for maximum performance, and always will be, but Smart Performance focuses on ensuring the highest industrial speeds in the market even under difficult conditions.

In the new OmniPlus-i we achieve this thanks to a completely new reed motion: more insertion time permits smooth handling of even less-than-perfect yarns.

2. Sustainability Inside

Further reduction of energy consumption is not an optional extra, it has to be embedded in the machine design. With its modified relay nozzle distance the new OmniPlus-i offers more stable insertion and consequently new possibilities for further reduction in air consumption, even by automated algorithms. In other words, Sustainability is Inside.

3. Driven by Data

Picanol has pioneered the digitization of weaving machines for many decades now. SmartShed – the fully electronically controlled shedding motion incorporated in the new OmniPlus-i – is a logical next step in this evolution. This together with an abundant use of sensors generates lots of data that fuel real-time optimization algorithms and promise even further gains in productivity when combined with other data, even from other, different machines. So weaving with Picanol becomes truly Driven by Data.

4. Intuitive Control

Picanol machines are always designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Thanks to the new large interactive touchscreen and the new signal lamps on the new OmniPlus-i we offer a new level of Intuitive Control, allowing the weaver to navigate quickly and easily through all the machine settings and adjust them even without stopping the machine.