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GT-Max rapier weaving machine

The GT-Max offers all you need to weave yourself to the top in your market. It uses the proven rapier weaving technology of Picanol’s GamMax, with full electronic monitoring and control, Sumo main motor and microprocessor-controlled filling insertion. Its huge installed base reflects the reliability and robustness of the machine. This weaving machine has been designed to meet your objective of maximizing return on investment. It guarantees high fabric quality, is best in class for minimum energy consumption, creates space to unleash your talent and optimizes your precious time. 

    If you really want to get the most out of your market, your material, your energy, your talent and your time, the GT-Max provides the platform for you to stay ahead. Always. Everywhere.

    • Optimized insertion cycle for high industrial speeds
    • Insertion with up to 12 colors
    • Reed width of 190, 220 or 340 cm
    • Accurate, user-friendly machine setting using the keyboard display
    • Sumo main motor with direct machine drive is standard
    • Electronic setting of shed crossing
    • ELSY selvedge motions