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Wide range of gripper systems

Maximum performance for each application

Whether your are looking for high speed, ultimate versatility or dedicated technical applications, the OptiMax-i Connect can be equipped with the most suitable rapier system.


OptiMax-i Connect offers the best combination of speed and versatility: the platform is designed to permit the fastest rapier loom with the guided version (GC) and the most versatile one with the Free Flight version (FF).

The Free Flight with the raceboard execution (VB) ensures the best solution for filament warp yarns, in combination with maximum weft versatility.

The Free Flight with carriers (VD) has been designed for weaving delicate fabrics with hairy warp yarns, such as fine worsted, as well as for some technical fabrics, in order to avoid a deposit of spin-finish on the raceboard.

The Free Flight Positive Gripper (FPG) is our unrivaled gripper solution for extreme filling versatility and warp-friendliness using the proven Free Flight guiding system. Both grippers have active gripper clamps whose action can be set individually, electronically and specifically for every filling.

The Guided Positive Gripper (GPG) has been developed for specific technical applications, such as primary carpet-backing and agro-textiles. Especially where double insertion, mixed insertion or novelty yarns need to be processed, GPG grippers offer total flexibility at the highest speed.