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Waste ribbon winder

Compact waste-ribbons safely for further processing 

Waste ribbons from industrial fabrics are often quite bulky. A winder that compacts the ribbon can hold a much larger capacity and reduces the number of interventions. The compacted waste ribbon is easier to handle and takes up less storage space.

If waste ribbons cannot be eliminated they need to be stored at the machine and then removed for further processing.

Waste ribbons from industrial fabrics with stiff wefts such as PP or HDPE tapes, monofilament or PVC-coated glass fiber or PVC-coated multi-filament yarns require a winder that compacts the waste to minimum dimensions. Additionally the waste ribbon winder has waste ribbon detection to minimize operator interventions.

The sensors detect slack or broken waste ribbons and full waste coils; even a waste lint moving in the opposite direction will be detected. The machine is stopped if needed. In most cases the system only needs doffing once per shift.

In combination with EcoFill wasteless system at LHS, a waste ribbon winder is needed only at RHS. The waste ribbon winder works with leno and tucking-in selvedge systems.

The waste ribbon winder is only available on OptiMax-i & OptiMax-i Connect weaving industrial fabrics.