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SUMO drive concept

The most energy-efficient main drive has now become even more energy-efficient

The redesigned SUMO drive concept pioneered by Picanol is the most energy-efficient main drive on the market. It affords the lowest possible energy consumption while at the same time offering many other advantages such as full-range speed control, slow motion, pick finding, and even automatic crossing setting. The new integrated temperature sensor completes the redesign.

Thanks to the SUMO main motor and the shortest drive train, Picanol offers the most energy-efficient machines on the market. With only 3 gears on airjet and 4 gears on rapier, the main motor drives the sley drive, the rapier drives (on the rapier machines), and the shedding motion. In addition, the SUMO motor also takes care of the slow-motion movements. Therefore, there is no need for extra slow-motion drive systems, invertors, etc., and extra energy consumption can be avoided.
Introducing the Connect generation - the SUMO motor has been optimized.
With the aim of achieving increased efficiency of the motor, the type of materials used in both the rotor and stator has been modified. This has resulted in an energy saving of approximately 100W. The internal oil circulation, which keeps the motor cool, safeguards the lifetime of the motor. A temperature sensor was added to the SUMO motor to provide feedback on the real-time condition. 
This is the best guarantee for realizing the highest efficiency of the motor.