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Style optimization

Fine-tuning and width changes have never been easier


Picanol is now bringing the ease of finetuning to the next level with the new and unique On-loom Picascope. Furthermore, all components involved in a width change are mounted on a single support. A display procedure that can be combined with the Gripper stroke measurement reduces the time required for changing the width to the absolute minimum.

The On-loom Picascope is mounted on the QuickStep. During running of the machine, it works as a strobolum to check the insertion and clamping in the gripper and cutting of the filling. When the machine is stopped, it works as a light, adding extra light in the presentation area.
The software-supported gripper stroke setting procedure helps you change the drawing-in width. With the integrated gripper stroke measurement, the setting time is reduced to an absolute minimum and you can be sure of the correct settings when changing the drawing-in width.