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The smart digital shedding motion

SmartShed is built for weavers who want maximum digitization and flexibility in the weaving process. The movement and crossing timing for each harness frame are now electronic settings. In addition the harness frame stroke is measured electronically and shown on the machine display.   

SmartShed is available in versions for 8, 12 and 16 harness frames.

SmartShed offers a number of unique advantages:

  • Load control with indication of the load condition for each harness frame position on the SmartShed page of the display. The user has full control to optimize the electronic settings for maximum performance.
  • Integrated harness frame stroke and shed angle measurement. These parameters are available as data on the SmartShed page of the display. Checking settings becomes easy.
  • Integrated, automated and controlled lubrication and greasing of all bearings to reduce maintenance to the minimum.
  • Integrated and monitored oil cooling. A must to get maximum possible lifetime.
  • Stäubli undermotion, a guarantee of minimum maintenance and maximum reliability.