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Shed angle information

On Picanol machines only! All shed information is available at the snap of your fingers

The settings of the shed can now be done in the most intuitive way thanks to the visualization of the shed on the BlueTouch display.

For some time now, Picanol machines have the shed angle indicators on the dobby levers. These indicators enable the user to optimize the shed angle without using measuring tools and without the need to lookup tables in setting manuals. 
With the Connect generation, we are bringing this functionality to the next level on machines with cam, dobby, or SmartShed by adding extra unique tools to optimize the shed settings.

The shed angle visualization gives you a clear view of the shed with an animation provided of the movement of the harness frames and reed during a full machine rotation.

With the harness frame stroke measurement, the stroke of each harness frame can be checked on the BlueTouch display.