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Robust structure rapier

Solid structure combined with proven shed geometry, the basis for any application

The proven Picanol concept combines two solid sideframes connected by large-section cross rails. The sley is driven by conjugated cams located under the fabric line to guarantee equal beat-up force over the full width.

The sley with its reed holder is perfectly balanced by counterweights and provides powerful beat-up. With the dedicated backrest, adapted take-up and clamping arrangement for cloth support, the OptiMax-i Connect is capable of producing fabrics with high cover factors, such as heavy canvas or heavy filter fabrics. A specially designed gripper drive is available for weaving wide fabric.

The short stroke of the sley and the frames and the small rapier heads allow Connect machines to weave with the smallest possible shed opening. The optimized shed geometry leads to uniform fabric characteristics over the whole width. The location of the sley cams below the fabric allows heavier beat-up forces, so even terry fabrics with very high cover factor or high-density borders can be woven with ease.