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Pile formation system

Stable pile formation, even at the highest speeds
Thanks to the unique pile motor set-up directly driving the cloth and backrest movement simultaneously, accurate pile formation is assured at highest speeds.

No design limitations
The pile height-changing device makes it possible not only to change the group beat-up rate but also to weave structures such as waves. All set on the display!

The fabric quality is guaranteed by the stability of the unique pile formation. The cloth movement is driven simultaneously with the backrest movement and is directly driven from both sides by a torsion-free shaft without mechanical settings or additional transmissions. The fabric quality is further ensured by the minimal distance between cloth formation and take-up and by the constant yarn tension.

The Picanol terry weaving machines offer full flexibility in design. The pre-beat-up is independently driven by the pile height motor, and all settings are electronically set on the microprocessor. Pre-beat-up distance up to 24 mm; weight of more than 1,600 g/m².