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Picanol Knot Extractor (PKE)

Weft knots automatically extracted during weaving

PKE (Picanol Knot Extractor) detects the position of knots in the weft yarn, whether from a bobbin change or indeed all weft knots. This safeguards fabric quality and maximizes productivity as the machine continues to weave while the knot is removed. 

Certain fabrics do not allow knots of any kind to be found in the fabric. Filling knots can be avoided during the weaving process thanks to the Picanol Knot Extractor (PKE).

In case of PKE activation, the selection of that particular filling channel is stopped when a knot is detected. The weaving machine keeps on weaving while the knot is slowly pulled into the waste ribbon. Once the knot has disappeared in the waste ribbon the selection of that particular channel is activated again.