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Mechanical Tucking-In (MTI) for tape filling

High-speed Mechanical Tucking In for tapes and monofilament yarns

The MTI ( Mechanical Tucking In ) is designed to handle tape and monofil as well as spun yarns. Clamping-units and needles have been adapted to deal with higher forces and coarser yarns. 


  • As tucked selvedges are very important in technical fabrics the Picanol Mechanical Tuckers have been adapted to make them suitable for tucking a wide range of tapes and monofilament wefts. 
  • There is no speed-limitation when using tucked selvedges on wider-width machines 
  • The tuckers are modular, which means the units can be replaced by leno devices while the temples remain unchanged. 
  • By using one or more center tuckers, it is possible to weave multi-panel fabrics, as the positioning of center tucking is restricted in case of positive grippers.