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Full width temple

Control the beat-up-line with the Picanol Full width temple

The Picanol Full width temple is fully interchangeable with roller temples. Especially on heavy fabrics, a Full width temple can be useful for reducing beat-up on the fell-of-the-cloth. 

This can be used for medium up to heavy fabrics. It is very good for warp yarns with little or no elasticity, such as linen, tencel, and even Heavy fabrics such as Tarpaulin, Canvas and Airbags. Various spindles are available for diameters of 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, and 18 mm (polyamide, steel, vulcolan, and polyamide).

• Even warp tension in selvedge and the center of the fabric 
• Less warp tension required compared to conventional temples
• No temple needle markings to worry about on fine, dense fabrics
• The filling line is considerably straighter than with a standard temple
• Less wear of take-up roll covering as it is the temple itself that holds the fabric tension