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Flexible design

Future-proof thanks to modular design

The highly modular machine concept allows upgrades and modifications to be retrofitted as desired, with a wide range of variants in shedding motion, cutter design, warp beam set-up etc.

The rapier machines can be fitted with positive cam motion, electronic dobby or electronically driven jacquard. The basic machine structure for cam, dobby and jacquard versions is identical, making it possible to change the shed formation system at any time in the future.

The machine is ready to mount a superstructure, making it possible to add e.g. a jacquarette or an additional top-mounted warp beam with separate let-off motion.

The machine is ready to mount any type of filling cutter, depending on the article to be woven. If the Electronic Disc Cutter is initially fitted, it is perfectly possible to change to SmartCut whenever the articles require a more versatile filling cutter in the future.