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Electronic Filling Tensioner (EFT)

Full control of the filling tension throughout the insertion cycle, even with irregular yarns

The highly dynamic and flexible design of the Electronic Filling Tensioner (EFT) ensures correct brake force and timing during the complete insertion cycle, even for the most demanding filling yarns.

The Electronic Filling Tensioner controls very delicate or weak yarns (such as wool), very heavy, irregular and thick yarns (such as chenille, bouclette, mono-filament), as well as contaminating yarns (such as flax or filling for blankets).


By using long lamellas, the braking force is distributed over a long filling length. In this way, the filling tension during insertion of irregular filling yarns is kept well under control. The combination of the long braking plates and the damping properties of the spring system allows to decrease the static tension to an absolute minimum, which makes the Electronic Filling Tensioner ideal for weaving weak yarns not tolerating additional forces.