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Direct Warp Control (DWC)

Achieve low and constant warp-tension over the full width 

Thanks to very low inertia , the Direct Warp Control backrest is ideal for weaving non-elastic yarns, s.a. fibreglass and para-aramids since very low warp-tensions can be reached. This device is also the standard for very wide machines, as this execution can be mounted directly on the machine frame and there is no deformation under load. 

All settings are performed from the display and can be checked during running

Settings of the DWC system can be transferred electronically to other machines equipped with DWC. 

Especially for very wide weaving-machines, the Direct Warp Control backrest comes in handy thanks to the light weight of its compensating mechanism. 

This mechanism consists of a stainless steel profile in contact with the warp ends and a reinforced rubber hose that is positioned behind it. The amount of compensation can be controlled by setting the right amount of air pressure in the rubber hose. This only has to be done once, from the display. 

As the compensating elements react quickly, they remain in full contact with the warp ends. This makes it especially suitable for tape and monofilament warps as it avoids "rolling" of the warp ends over each other.

The compensating elements are mounted on a sturdy underlying structure, again very suitable for wide width machines, as deformation over the width of the backrest is avoided.

For warps with spin-finish release such as glass, DWC backrest rolling is available.